Research and Creative Activity

Because active engagement with the discipline is necessary to remain current in teaching, a successful candidate for reappointment must demonstrate scholarship or creative activity appropriate to the discipline, which is disseminated for peer review. In early years of reappointment, the candidate must at least demonstrate the development of appropriate scholarship.

By the time of the tenure review, it is expected that this scholarship will have been reviewed/performed/exhibited at the appropriate level of impact (e.g., international, national, regional) for the discipline. Note that the “appropriate level” refers to level of impact rather than to geography. For example, an artistic performance or exhibition could have a regional or national impact even though it is held locally. All candidates are to provide support for the case that their work is of an appropriate level for the discipline.

Research and Creative Activity Criteria (15-20%)

Excellence in scholarship would be demonstrated by a record of scholarship or creative work that exemplifies expertise in a field of study. For example, invitations to present papers/performances at national, international professional conferences; juried articles in important journals in a field of study or juried presentations/shows; presentations of papers, panels, workshops at professional meetings; research-related service to federal/state organizations; recognition from professional societies; receiving grants and awards for research or creative activities; advisory boards for major journals in the field of study or other related activities.

A Significant rating in scholarship would be demonstrated by a record of research or creative activity demonstrating a level of expertise in the field of study. For example, research or creative activity that would have a regional or state audience; juried articles in regional or state journals; presentation of papers, workshops in conferences at state, regional or local levels; writing of grants for research or creative activities.

A Satisfactory rating in scholarship would be demonstrated by a minimal amount of  scholarship in the discipline according to standards set by the department/school/college; attendance at regional or state conferences or workshops, presenting papers at conferences, workshops.