Service/University Citizenship

Service/University citizenship is expected of all tenure-track faculty. By the time of the tenure review, it is expected that the candidate will demonstrate a pattern of increasing service contributions, including some form of leadership (e.g., committee chair or campus representative) or a variety of lesser but noteworthy contributions. Faculty are encouraged to contribute to all levels of service: campus, department and university, and service to one’s profession.

Service/University Citizenship (10-15% weighting)

Excellence Significant leadership role at the Campus, College and/or University/Professional levels as evidenced by productive service on committees, active participation in significant events, effectively chairing committees, specific administrative assignments, meaningful public outreach.

Significance Involvement in campus and university wide committees, community presence; involvement as members on important campus and university committees; shows some leadership by chairing committees at the local level or county level.

Satisfactory membership on standing campus committees and some community involvement; minimal leadership role.