Because teaching is the primary mission of the East Liverpool Campus, the goal for a successful candidate for reappointment and eventual tenure is to demonstrate excellence in the scholarship of teaching, defined as “the act of teaching as well as the planning and examination of pedagogical procedures”. It may also include pedagogical research related to the discipline and disseminated for peer review. Performance in the act of teaching may be evaluated in multiple ways, including, but not limited to, effective course design and teaching materials, a pattern of positive comments on student evaluations, supportive peer evaluations, ongoing efforts to reflect upon and improve the act of teaching, and positive course evaluations (SSI scores).

Teaching Criteria: (70% weighting)

An Excellent rating in teaching would include but not limited to: Innovative teaching methods; constant assessment of effectiveness, superior student and peer evaluation of instruction that are consistent over time; development/revisions of courses in innovative ways using best practices; developing research projects for students (undergraduate and/or graduate); instructional creativity; actively participating in curricular revisions for a program; significant involvement in undergraduate projects and/or honors’ theses or projects or graduate theses; self-reflections on teaching with action plans to improve; and recognition of teaching excellence through instructional/teaching awards.

A Significant rating in teaching would include but not limited to: Developing/revising courses to improve instructional delivery and student success; good student evaluations of instruction and good peer perceptions; work with graduate and/or undergraduate students in research or community outreach projects; self-reflections on teaching and evaluation of successes and areas of improvement; seeking out resources for instructional improvement and attending workshops/seminars on pedagogy.

A Satisfactory Teaching rating would include appropriate delivery of course materials; good student and peer perceptions; appropriate updating of course materials; and self-reflective statement of instructional effectiveness.