Tenure Review

Faculty who are eligible for tenure review are notified by department chair/school directors/college deans (henceforth, Chair). Faculty prepare a file of evidence in support of their review. The file is submitted electronically to the FlashFolio system at Kent State. Candidates meet with their department chairs or equivalents to assure that the file contents are complete. The candidate and the chairperson must both sign the Certification of File Completeness, and a copy of the certificate is placed in the electronic file.

  • All tenured faculty assigned to the Campus Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Committee will read each of the files, and make appropriate notes for recommendation to be written at a later time.
  • A meeting of the committee will be announced by the Chairperson of the Faculty Council, who will be the presiding officer during all discussions. Each of the candidates will be presented for discussion by the chairperson. The discussion of the committee will focus on the efforts of the candidate in all areas of review, with the understanding that teaching carries more weight for regional campus faculty. A statement reminding  the various administrative levels of review and assessment of the weighting criteria in Section C should be presented to the committee at the beginning of the review.
  • Each member of the committee will complete an evaluation form for each candidate and submit it to the Faculty Council Chair. The Chair will prepare a summary evaluation (that includes the weighting criteria in Section C) and recommendation to be forwarded to the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer of the Columbiana County Campuses, with copy to the Departmental Chairperson, College Dean, and Vice President for Kent State System Integration. The Faculty Council Chair will also notify the candidate of the committee’s recommendation.
  • The Campus Dean and Chief Administrative Officer then reviews the materials for each candidate and with consideration of the recommendation of the Faculty Council Chair and the members of the Committee makes an independent recommendation to the College Dean, with copies to the Departmental Chair/Dean/Director, the Candidate, the Vice President for Kent State System Integration and the Provost.

For complete guidelines see the timetable of the Tenure Review in the Annual Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion Guide which is published by the office of the Provost.