Criteria for Completing the Merit File


(Category 1) You Must

(Category 2) You Cannot

Only submit materials and activities from the merit period.

Submit lengthy promotion, tenure or reappointment files.

Include copies of acceptance letters, published materials, and other valid evidence to receive credit.

Submit activity or scholarship outside the merit period.

Complete self-assessment forms B & C.

Submit vita, CV, or executive summary.

Complete a hardcopy file containing Chapters I, II & III.

Include or claim activity in more than one chapter (I, II, III) of the merit file.

Email self-assessment forms (Tables B.1 to B.4 and C.1 to C.6) to all applicants before the due date.

Claim an activity, publications, or presentations claimed in a previous merit period.

Submit hardcopy file to the Dean’s Secretary or other designee, as indicated by FC Chair, before the due date.

Exclude evidence that verifies activity and scholarship.

Apply for merit to evaluate, discuss, and vote on others’ merit files.


Include additional activity not listed or supported in the merit file.

Verify self-assessment forms for all applicants and reject points with Category 2 violations.

Submit changes, additions or deletions, after the Geauga Faculty due date.