Exam Policies

The Office of Academic Services at the Geauga Campus and the Regional Academic Center administer make-up exams according to the following policy and procedures:

  • Examinees, after the approval from their instructors, will need to sign up for the make-up exam at the Student Services desk at either the Geauga Campus or the Regional Academic Center
  • A file will be established for each faculty member into which he/she will be responsible for placing the make-up examinations, Proctoring Instructions sheet and actual exam materials. After the student completes the exam, it will be placed back in his/her folder and it will be his/her responsibility to retrieve the materials according to his/her schedule.
  • The weekly make-up exam times for the Geauga Campus and the Regional Academic Center are established and posted at the beginning of each school year. However, if there are space limitations in the testing rooms the office may not be able to accommodate students on a given day or time.
  • No make-up exams scheduled prior to finals week will be administered during Finals week. Students will need to make arrangements with their professor if they missed the scheduled finals time. 
  • Students who are registered with the Student Accessibility Services office are eligible to take tests at other times or a different venue. Faculty members are asked to work directly with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services to arrange any special examination procedures for these students.
  • Students must present a photo ID in order to take the exam. Students without a photo ID will not be allowed to take the exam. If a student arrives 15 or more minutes after the scheduled start time he or she will not be allowed to enter the examination room and the exam will be returned back to the student’s folder for appropriate disposition.