Faculty Affairs

  1. Faculty Professional Development

    The TT and FTNTT Geauga and RAC faculty recognize the need for faculty to continue learning and have opportunities for scholarship that encourage professional development and thereby contribute to the discipline in a meaningful way. The TT CBA stipulates the University’s ability to enhance support for Faculty professional development as part of the customary budget planning process. The FTNTT CBA states faculty are able to take part in professional development at various scholarly events and addresses Professional Development Leaves of Absence. 

    The campus budget reflects funds allocated by the dean for individual professional development, e.g., conference travel, fees, and workshops. In addition, separate funds will be allocated to the budget for grants from the Geauga Research Council (GRC) and Geauga Teaching Council (GTC).

  2. Faculty Orientation

    Although the faculty’s home department is responsible for orienting new faculty, the primary orientation of new faculty occurs at the Campus, which provides necessary hiring documents and professional expectations consistent with the unique perception of the Campus mission.

  3. Assignment of Resource Persons/Mentor

    At the beginning of the semester of hire, the Assistant/Associate Dean assigns a full-time faculty mentor to all new TT, FTNTT, and adjunct faculty. TT and FTNTT faculty have a mentor (with Faculty rank) for a period of three years; adjunct faculty have continuous mentoring. Mentors will be responsible for introducing the newly hired individual to the Campus.

  4. Campus Committees and Assignemtns

    All Campus committees are advisory to the Dean. The membership, structure, and function of some the Campus committees are governed by the University, Administrative and Operational Policies and the applicable CBA. In consultation with FC, the Dean establishes ad hoc committees. When recommending appointments to various Campus committees, FC will be mindful of diversity of disciplines in the Campus and will consider the expertise and interests necessary for the effective functioning of specific committees.​​​​​​

    Geauga FC, or designated FC subcommittees of which TT Faculty shall constitute a majority, shall act as the advisory and recommendatory committee(s) to the Campus Dean on all academic matters which are referenced with respect to the Campus FC. It is the responsibility of every faculty member in every Campus committee (except Student Complaint Committee) to report and share all the information of their committees with FC.

    As part of their professional responsibilities, all tenured and TT Faculty are expected to serve on committees as part of their service to the Campus. FTNTT and adjunct faculty are invited to serve if they choose. Assignments of faculty to Campus committees will be made by FC. The FC Chair asks for nominations for committee membership, and if more faculty members wish to serve than is allotted, an election will be held.