Merit Guidelines and Procedures

Merit awards are established pursuant to the TT CBA. Procedures and timelines for determining Faculty Merit Awards for any given year shall be conducted in accordance with guidelines issued by the Office of the Provost.  

As per the TT CBA, two broadly-defined areas of demonstrated Faculty meritorious performance consistent with the mission of the Campus and evaluative criteria and relative weighting defined in the campus handbook are to be recognized through Faculty Merit Awards: (1) Teaching/ and University Citizenship and (2) Research and Publication. 

The TT CBA for all full-time tenured and TT Faculty enables Faculty members to periodically receive individually awarded merit pay to the base salary. The pool for Faculty Merit Awards is a negotiated percentage of total salaries of Campus Faculty within the bargaining unit. Contested files will be reviewed by the ad hoc Tenure-Track Committee.
The following guidelines for application for merit have been developed by the TT faculty and may be periodically revised by the TT faculty as they deem appropriate.

  1. Application For Merit

    Merit Period ________­­___ to ­­_____________ Due Date: _________ 5:00 p.m.

    All TT Faculty wishing to be considered for merit must submit a single file consisting of the three chapters (see Merit File: Required Chapters) clearly separated by dividers. Self-assessment forms B, C & D must be completed and emailed to fellow applicants before the specified deadline, after which applicants will review, verify evidence, and vote on acceptance. If an applicant disagrees with the findings, he or she may submit an appeal to the FC Chair who will call a special meeting of the Merit Committee. The Merit Committee will arrive at the appeal decision through a simple majority vote, and the decision regarding the Faculty share of merit awards are final.

    The FC Chair will forward FORM D to the Dean. A determination of the preliminary distribution of awards for each submission category according to the criteria are outlined here. The Dean will forward to FC his/her recommendation for the Dean’s portion of the merit allocation.

    Formula for distributing the Research Award

    Formula for distributing the Teaching Award

    Step 1: Find B = Sum of all earned scores in FORM B
    Step 2: Find R = Unit value of Research score = divide B by total research fund.
    Step 3: Research award for the applicant = multiply the total research score by unit value R as determined in Step 2.

    Step 1: Find C = Sum of all earned scores in FORM C
    Step 2: Find T = Unit value of teaching score = divide C by total teaching fund.
    Step 3: Teaching award for the applicant = multiply the total teaching score by unit value T as determined in Step 2


  2. Merit File: Required Chapters

    1. Chapter I: Self Assessment Forms (Tab 1)

      Form B: Self-Assessment of Research, Publication, and Applied Scholarship
      Form C: Self-Assessment of Teaching, University Citizenship, and Service
      Form D: Total Points: Merit Self-Assessment

    2. Chapter II: Evidences -- Research (Tab 2)

      The Faculty member’s scholarly activities in research will be based on quality and quality of contributions to the discipline, with emphasis on peer-reviewed publications. It is the responsibility of each applicant to include necessary evidence along with clear reference numbers. Otherwise, the Merit Committee will deduct, through a majority vote, points claimed due to lack of evidences.

  3. Criteria for Completing the Merit File


    (Category 1) You Must

    (Category 2) You Cannot

    Only submit materials and activities from the merit period.

    Submit lengthy promotion, tenure or reappointment files.

    Include copies of acceptance letters, published materials, and other valid evidence to receive credit.

    Submit activity or scholarship outside the merit period.

    Complete self-assessment forms B & C.

    Submit vita, CV, or executive summary.

    Complete a hardcopy file containing Chapters I, II & III.

    Include or claim activity in more than one chapter (I, II, III) of the merit file.

    Email self-assessment forms (Tables B.1 to B.4 and C.1 to C.6) to all applicants before the due date.

    Claim an activity, publications, or presentations claimed in a previous merit period.

    Submit hardcopy file to the Dean’s Secretary or other designee, as indicated by FC Chair, before the due date.

    Exclude evidence that verifies activity and scholarship.

    Apply for merit to evaluate, discuss, and vote on others’ merit files.


    Include additional activity not listed or supported in the merit file.

    Verify self-assessment forms for all applicants and reject points with Category 2 violations.

    Submit changes, additions or deletions, after the Geauga Faculty due date.