Each academic year, reappointment guidelines for Kent and Regional Campus Faculty are distributed by the Office of the Provost. Probationary tenure-track Gaculty members are reviewed by the Department’s Ad Hoc RTP Committee and Campus RTP Committee. Reappointment is contingent upon demonstration of adequate progress toward the requirements for tenure. Moreover, the Faculty member must have established and articulated short- and long-term plans for achieving these goals.

  • Committees discuss the probationary Faculty member and vote on the Faculty member’s reappointment.
  • The FC Chair at the candidate’s campus will convene the Ad Hoc RTP Committee during the review period to discuss and vote on reappointment files, and the FC Chair will write a summary for each candidate to the Campus Dean.
  • The Campus Dean forwards his/her recommendation and the campus RTP committee’s recommendation to the Provost.