Responsibilities of the Assistant/Associate Dean

The Campus Assistant/Associate Dean is an administrative officer of the Campus and reports directly to and is accountable to the Dean. 

Minimum qualifications of the Assistant/Associate Dean:

  • Master’s degree in a relevant field, Doctoral degree preferred;
  • senior Faculty member rank;
  • four to five years of experience teaching at the higher education level;
  • knowledge of academic programs;
  • skill with personal computer applications;
  • experience with budgeting;
  • experience and knowledge about strategic planning;
  • skill in written and interpersonal communication;
  • ability to provide leadership and direction.

The selection, review, and reappointment of the Assistant/Associate Dean are the responsibilities of the Vice President of Systems Integration, who consults with Dean and FC on such matters. The Assistant/Associate Dean is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring oversight of academic programs.
  • Ensuring quality of instruction.
  • Ensuring compliance with accrediting agencies and collaborating with academic department as it relates to accreditation reviews.
  • Recruiting faculty, staffing faculty instructional assignments, and managing the master class schedule.
  • Overseeing grants, marketing, diversity initiatives, student life, and assisting the Dean in developing an academic strategic plan to align with the University’s strategic goals.
  • Overseeing Enrollment Management and Student Services, the library, and primary administration of the Regional Academic Center.
  • Recruiting adjunct faculty in consultation with Campus Coordinators and/or senior Faculty in the discipline at the Campus and at the Department.
  • Developing the course schedule and assigning faculty to teach courses in consultation with faculty.
  • Developing and implementing new academic programs.
  • Supervising grants and assisting the Dean in areas of budgeting.
  • Researching local community needs for academic programs.
  • Assisting the Dean in personnel management and campus operations.
  • Providing faculty support as in orientation, evaluation, and professional development.
  • Promoting good communication, professionalism, and morale within the Campus.
  • Serving as Chief Administrative Officer of the Campus in the absence of the Dean.
  • Teaching courses as assigned.
  • Performing other duties and tasks as assigned or delegated by the Dean.