Responsibilities of the Coordinator or Lead Faculty in the Discipline

The coordinator, appointed by the department chair, works with the assistant/associate dean. It is the responsibility of the coordinator to ensure that courses are taught in a manner consistent with the expectations of the home department. Duties of the coordinator include the following:

  • Input into staffing courses, especially the lower division courses.
  • After consulting with other TT Faculty, in a timely manner consulting with the schedule committee about course scheduling.
  • Ensuring that syllabi meet specified guidelines (see Appendix B).
  • Meeting regularly with faculty to ensure that course goals and objectives are uniform and are met.
  • Semester peer review of junior and adjunct faculty within the unit.
  • Mentoring of junior and adjunct faculty within unit.
  • Have at least one meeting a semester with unit faculty for midterm assessment.
  • Updating program information to advising staff (for example course changes within program.
  • Updating faculty within unit of changes in program
  • Assisting junior TT Faculty with reappointment files, and mentoring for tenure/promotion.
  • Meeting with the library director to discuss collection and development of library sources for their unit.
  • It is recommended that the faculty in the discipline meet as a group once a semester for professional development activities that improve skills in leadership of unit (e.g. review of new policies, new technologies etc.).
  • Recruiting new adjunct faculty and assisting with staffing classes.
  • Completing a two-year program rotation for the schedule committee and advising staff.
  • Work with GPS Academic Advisor to provide information to students about program updates in the areas of scholarships, internships, and other special programs for students within the discipline.
  • Serve as the academic department liaison for the campus; as coordinator, this individual should attend department meetings.