Responsibilities of Faculty to Campus FC, Department, School, and University

Each faculty member is expected to contribute to the Campus, FC, Department, School, College, and University according to the terms and conditions of his or her letter of appointment. Some faculty members make their primary contribution in teaching (FTNTT) while others are responsible for teaching, research, and service (TT). High quality teaching and scholarly activity are expected of TT Faculty. Service to the Campus, Department, School, College, and University is also expected of TT Faculty.

Faculty members are expected to provide students with a syllabus (see Appendix B). A Student Survey of Instruction (SSI) is required in each course in each semester and will be conducted under the auspices of the Assistant/Associate Dean pursuant to applicable University policies and procedures. 

Scholarly activity is expected of all TT Faculty; although, the extent and/or type of activity varies with the terms of each Faculty member’s assignment. Service to the University is a responsibility of each TT Faculty member. 

  • Regular attendance at FC meetings of all full-time faculty members of FC is expected. An excused absence is granted to those members who advise the FC Chair in advance of an impending absence together with the reason(s). The FC member will be listed in the minutes as an excused absence.
  • Any voting faculty member who is absent without having advised the FC Chair in advance will be listed as “absent.”
  • Nevertheless, if a faculty member is absent because of his/her official duty (such as class conflict, committee meetings), then it is a valid excused absence.