Responsibilities of the Faculty Council (FC) Chair

Nominations for FC Chair are submitted at the next to last meeting of the academic year. The FC Chair is elected by separate ballots at the last FC meeting of the academic year by a simple majority. FC members vote with the current chair voting only to break a tie. Nominations are made from the floor, requiring a second. Nominees must be senior (associate professor or full professor) tenured Faculty. Votes will be counted by the FC Chair and faculty secretary if one is present. Duties of the chair include the following:

  • Additional sessions at the discretion of the FC Chair. Administrators such as the Dean or Assistant/Associate Dean may request additional meetings subject to the same guidelines.
  • FC meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of order. If the FC Chair deems it appropriate, he/she may appoint a parliamentarian to rule on specific issues, following Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • In accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, the FC Chair shall vote only in the case of a tie.
  • The FC Chair shall have the privilege to convene subcommittee meetings of FC. Examples of such meetings are “one subject” meetings, such as to work on the Handbook; or, more formal meetings, such as to discuss Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP). Meeting announcements will be sent to all FC members at least 24 hours prior to convening the meetings. Meetings should be scheduled so that a simple majority of members can attend.
  • The FC Chair shall automatically become the Chair of the RTP committee each academic year (AY). The chair of the RTP is required to follow all procedures in accordance with the TT CBA and the guidelines of the Provost’s Office.
  • The term of the FC Chair shall normally be from June 1st through May 31st of the calendar year. The FC Chair for the subsequent AY will be elected in late April or early May of the ending AY.
  • FC will allow teleconference calls and video teleconference for meetings and those members will be counted in the quorum.
  • Only one proxy vote per member will be counted. 
  • Determine meeting dates and times at the beginning of each semester in consultation with FC, and presiding at FC meetings. In the event that the chair cannot attend a scheduled FC meeting, the chair will ask a tenured Faculty member to fill in. Represent Geauga Campus (or secure a designee) at monthly Regional Campus Faculty Advisory Committee meetings (RCFAC).
  • Additional meetings of FC members are called by the FC Chair as needed or upon a request by at least one-half of the member of FC.
  • Establish the meeting agenda, in consultation with FC, and distribute it one day prior to each FC meeting. New items should be submitted to the FC Chair no later than two days prior to the meeting. Unfinished agenda items will go to the top of the agenda list in order not addressed. To take up business out of order requires a 2/3 vote of the FC (per Robert’s Rules of Order motion to suspend the rules).
  • Represent faculty at University and community events as necessary.
  • Other duties as requested by faculty.
  • The FC Chair may be removed by a vote of FC at an FC meeting. Should FC members decide that the chair should be removed from office, they will meet (at the chair’s absence) to produce a written statement describing issues to be addressed. The statement will be provided to the Chair one week before the next FC meeting, at which time the Chair will have the chance to respond (verbally or in writing). Then FC members will meet in the absence of the chair. A 3/4 vote of FC members is sufficient to remove the Chair.
  • Should the FC Chair no longer be able to serve (or is removed), the new FC Chair will remain in that position for the remainder of the academic year.