Teaching Assignments and Workload Including Workload Equivalencies and Related Procedures

  1. Teaching Assignments

    The Geauga Campus Assistant Dean in consultation with faculty and program coordinators, is responsible for assigning faculty to courses and determining faculty workload each term. Workloads are communicated to faculty in accordance with guidelines and deadlines established by the faculty CBAs. These workload assignments are made upon consideration of enrollment projections, faculty eligibility to teach and other Campus needs. Summer workload assignments are based upon seniority defined first by academic rank and then by the number of years in rank.

    1. Course Scheduling

      The Assistant/Associate Dean will request input from the faculty and coordinators (or lead faculty) in the discipline in a timely manner about proposed scheduling decisions. The two-year schedule will be reviewed and updated annually by the full-time faculty and program coordinators, who will work with the schedule prepared by the Assistant/Associate Dean.

    2. Workload Equivalency

      FC shall advise the dean on issues related to teaching assignments, class schedules, and the appropriate application of workload equivalents (TT CBA). The following duties are essential to the Campus and shall receive the following workload equivalencies:


      Course Development

      Load Hours

      Create new course not in catalog*

      3.0 hr load/semester

      Create a new special topics course*

      1.0 hr load/semester

      Reformat existing course for Distance Learning delivery*

      1.0 hr load/semester

      Individual investigation                                           0.1 hr load/per student

      0.1 hr load/per student (summer semester only)

      Cooperative Work Experience/Industrial Practice                                                                    

      .25 hr per semester (max 12 students)

      Administrative Service


      Faculty Council Chair

      6 .0 hr load/academic year

      Dept. Appointed Program Coordinator

      3.0 hr load/academic year


      *These course developments must go through timely administrative approval and must run in the semester for which it is developed.

    3. Distance Learning

      To guarantee workload compensation, development, and significant revision for distance learning courses, and workload equivalency language are identical to traditional courses.