Appendix 2.A


Kent State University

School of Music




Full load = 12 load hours - Full-time faculty

Full load = 15 load hours – Non-tenure-track


For regular lecture type courses, credit is normally given for the actual credit hours given for the course. Some exceptions include classes that meet additional days or are considered lab-type courses as listed below. All full-time faculty members are expected to maintain a full load of teaching duties; load equivalencies for administrative work will be assigned by the Director. Only courses designated MUS will be assigned and carry load credit. Any other course designator does not earn load credit unless approved in advance and assigned by the School Director as part of the semester faculty assignment, i.e., HON courses.


Studio classes, 1 contact hr. = .66 load hrs. (This is a part of the 18 hour applied load.)

Applied music, Composition, Graduate Conducting Projects, (Individual Instruction):

2 credit hours = 30 minute lesson = .5 contact hours = 0.33 load hr.

4 credit hours = 60 minute lesson = 1 contact hours = 0.66 load hr.


Graduate recital and all other individual studies, except dissertation:


1                                  .25                          .16

2                                  .50                          .33

3                                  .75                          .50

4                                1.0                            .66

5                                1.25                          .83

6                                1.5                          1.00

7                                1.75                        1.16

8                                2.0                          1.33

9                                2.25                        1.5

10                              2.5                          1.66

11                              2.75                        1.83

12                              3.0                          2.0

13                              3.25                        2.16

14                              3.5                          2.33

15                              3.75                        2.5


Chamber Music Coaching (load credit is based on registered students only):

1 ensemble                    1.0 load hour


Load credit for chamber music coaching beyond 3 hours is subject to approval by the Director based on sufficient registration.   





The instructor teaching MUS 45321/5, Accompanying, receives .66 load hrs. for administering the program and .66 load hrs. for the weekly studio class in accompanying. (This is not to be confused with MUS 48221/5 and MUS 48222/5, Elements of Accompanying.)



Load credit shown in the faculty handbook is earned during the fall and spring semesters only. Eligible T/TT faculty members may apply for funding for summer dissertation supervision. Full-time non-tenure track faculty advising dissertations may apply for funding based on the tenure-track CBA by writing to the Director of the School of Music.
The following describes faculty load for fall and spring semesters. Two (2) load hours for each of the first two semesters a student registers for dissertation; one (1) load hour per semester thereafter up to a limit of a total of twelve (12) load hours for any one dissertation. N.b., The number of registered credit hours, normally 15 credits, has no influence on the amount of faculty load hours. Level 3 members of the graduate faculty can co-direct Dissertation with departmental approval. Once a level 3 member has co-directed a dissertation to completion, as a full member of the graduate faculty he or she can serve as the sole director of a dissertation. Load is awarded as described above. Additional information may be found here:
Dissertation registration is monitored by the Assistant to the Director.
Requests for Summer Session load and salary for advising dissertations are determined in accordance with the tenure-track CBA.



Load credit shown in the faculty handbook is earned during the fall and spring semesters only. Eligible T/TT faculty members may apply for funding for summer thesis supervision. Full-time non-tenure track faculty advising theses may apply for load and salary based on the tenure-track CBA by writing to the Director of the School of Music.
Thesis I is variable credit 2.0-6.0 credit hours; 3.0 credit hours equate to .5 load hours. Thesis II is fixed at 2.0 credit hours, which equates to .33 load hours per student.
Requests for Summer Session load and salary for advising theses are determined in accordance with the tenure-track CBA.


MMME Capstone Project

One (1) load hour per student.


Student Teacher: One (1) load hour for each student supervised.

MUS 49525 Introduction to Professional Practice: Three (3) load hours for teaching this student teaching seminar course.



Concert and Recital Recording and Audio Equipment: one and one-half (1.5) load hours, if assigned to a faculty member.


Faculty Ensembles

Each member of the faculty ensembles, String Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, and Brass Quintet may receive one (1) load hour per semester.


Performance faculty members (TT and FTNTT) may request of the Director in writing, one (1) load hour of “faculty performance” per semester. The petition for this scholarly/creative load must be based on continuing evidence of an outstanding performing career either on- or off-campus including more time concertizing than is normally expected of a performance faculty member. Such load credit is not to be assumed and must be reviewed by the Director on a semester basis. See “Applications for load reduction” below.


Graduate Assistants

Full load = 20 hours per week = 6 load hours

Half load = 10 hours per week = 3 load hours


Loads for graduate assistants are determined according to three types of hours as follows:


1. Credit hours. The graduate assistant has responsibility for conducting a class in which normal lecture, preparation, and paper/test grading is involved.

2. Lab hours. The graduate assistant has responsibility for conducting instructional situations in which there is a minimum of preparation time.

3. Clock hours. The graduate assistant is responsible for working a specific number of clock hours at assigned tasks. In no circumstances may a graduate assistant work more than 20 hours per week.


School of Music Courses and Load Hours




Full load, LECTURE = 6.0 load hours


Full load, Applied = 15 students. (To compute, multiply 15 by .4.) 15 students - 22.5 contact hours weekly = two 45-minute lessons weekly. Maximum credit for applied music in the summer I term (5 weeks) is 2 credit hours. Maximum credit for applied music in the summer II term (8 weeks) is 4 credit hours. Applied studio classes do not earn extra load credit in the summer.


Load computation for regular lecture-type courses is the same as for fall and spring (see p. B-1).


All applied music, music composition, music research and recitals are computed according to the table below. These administrative assignments receive load credit during Summer Sessions: Director, Assistant to the Director, Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies, Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Coordinator of Recruitment, Coordinator of Music Education, and Coordinator of Online MMME.


CREDIT HRS.            CONTACT HRS.       LAB HRS.       LOAD HRS.

1                                      .75                     .5/15                            .2

2                                    1.5                       1/15                             .4

3                                    2.25                     1.5/15                          .6

4                                    3.0                       2/15                             .8

5                                    3.75                     2.5/15                        1.0

6                                    4.0                       3/15                           1.2

7                                    4.5                       3.5/15                        1.4

8                                    5.25                     4/15                           1.6

9                                    6.0                       4.5/15                        1.8

10                                  6.75                     5/15                           2.0




Requests for faculty load reductions (for research, creative activity, grants, recruiting, etc.) will be considered by the Director one full semester in advance of the awarding of said reduction. The adjustment may be deemed appropriate based on the following three criteria and must be approved by the Dean of the College of the Arts:

1. The faculty member must formally apply in writing to the Director one full semester in advance of the award.

2. The faculty member must document in writing an established, consistent ongoing record of publications, editorship, and presentations or performances at the national and international level.

3. The faculty member must be involved regularly in doctoral level instruction and dissertation advisement or must be involved in master’s level instruction and thesis, essay and/or recital coaching.

In order to be considered for continued load adjustment in succeeding semesters, the faculty member must provide the Director a written summary of activities and accomplishments for the current academic year.