Appendix 5.D







Student Survey of Instruction (SSI) forms are distributed to all students enrolled in music classes every semester, including summer sessions. Evaluation forms are normed by the university and results returned to the School and each individual instructor. Students enrolled in LER (liberal education requirements) and music lecture classes respond to the university-wide questionnaire only. Additional questions (see below) are asked of students enrolled in ensemble and applied music courses.


It is the responsibility of all teachers to provide every enrolled student the opportunity to complete the questionnaire. The Director, School of Music is responsible for organizing, distributing, and collecting the SSI forms and for processing data through Computer Services. According to university regulations, completed student response forms and copies of data printouts for tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty are kept in the School of Music Office in an alphabetized file. Faculty members may request access to SSI files pertaining only to themselves personally or to graduate teaching assistants under their charge. Data for part-time faculty and teaching graduate assistants are not necessarily retained in the same manner as for tenure-track faculty. These teachers are urged to maintain their own files.


The following departmental questions for applied music instruction and ensemble music instruction will be provided to students registered for those appropriate course sections only. To avoid confusion, the departmental questions will not be provided to LER and music lecture class sections.


School of Music additional questions:



Strongly agree= 1, Strongly disagree = 5


20. The instructor's teaching style inspires and motivates me.


21. The instructor helps me develop my ability to make musical decisions through his/her teaching of musical style and interpretation.


22. The instructor helps me achieve a standard of technical competence.


23. The instructor expresses and communicates ideas clearly.


24. The instructor's interactions with students are courteous.


25. The instructor is reasonably accessible for questions and/or extra help outside my lesson time.


26. The instructor is receptive to my questions, ideas, and opinions.


27. I understand what I am to prepare for my lessons.


28. The instructor keeps me apprised of my progress.


29. The instructor makes efficient use of lesson time.


30. Lessons are made up when the instructor cancels.


31. Lessons are made up when I give the instructor adequate advanced notice of my absence.


32. A syllabus was provided for this course.





Strongly agree= 1, Strongly disagree = 5


20. The rehearsals are productive and interesting.


21. This Director indicates a thorough knowledge of the scores being prepared for



22. The instructor's conducting technique is easy to follow (conducted ensembles only).


23. This ensemble increased my ability to interpret and perform music.


24. In general, the music chosen was of appropriate difficulty for me.


25. In general, the music chosen was interesting and stimulating.


26. This Director has strong leadership abilities