Faculty Workload

The workload for all faculty members is assigned annually by the Director. All tenured/tenure- track faculty members in the SOM are assigned a workload of twenty-four (24) credit hours per academic year. Full-time non-tenure-track faculty members are assigned a workload of thirty (30) credit hours per academic year University Policy Register 3342-6-18. The FAC shall advise the Director on teaching and workload assignments, class schedules, section sizes, and the application of workload equivalencies, to include administrative duties, research activity, advising, and other assigned duties. In addition, the Director may, in consultation with the FAC, assign workload equivalencies for other specific duties that are considered essential to the academic mission of the SOM. The Director shall consult with the FAC before final determination of workload assignments. Criteria for evaluating productivity and contribution to the SOM and university for non-instructional workload equivalencies (WLEs) shall be based on the stated goals associated with the assignment.  WLEs, including those reflecting teaching and funded activities, should have a demonstrable benefit to the SOM, as deliberated by the Director and the individual faculty member, in recognition of the nature of individual courses and assignments. The Director shall provide each faculty member with a statement of her/his workload for each term of the academic year.

1. Full-Time Tenured/Tenure-Track (T/TT) Faculty Members

T/TT faculty members are expected to work full-time for the university. “Full time” is defined as 24 credit hours per academic year, or an average of 12 credit hours per semester. Elements besides instructional assignments that contribute to the calculation of workload credits are represented in the “School of Music Workload Activities” table below.


2. Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track (FTNTT) Faculty Members

FTNTT faculty members are expected to work full time for the university and normally shall be assigned teaching responsibilities of 30 credit hours per academic year, or an average of 15 hours per semester.


Faculty work responsibilities within the SOM shall be assigned consistent with provisions of university policy contained in the University Policy Register (http://www.kent.edu/policyreg/policydetails.cfm?customel_datapageid_1976529=2038538) and terms outlined in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement(s).