Performing Arts Library Committee

The Library Committee is comprised of five elected faculty members, including at least one member from each of the following divisions: Performance, Music Education, Musicology and Ethnomusicology, and Theory and Composition. In addition, there shall be one graduate student elected by the graduate student body. The Head of the Performing Arts Library is an ex officio member of the committee. The committee shall elect a music faculty member as chair at the first committee meeting in the fall semester of each academic year. The term of office for the chair is one academic year.


The Library Committee will:


a. Consult with the Head Performing Arts Librarian in making library policy.
b. Act as liaison between the faculty and Kent State University Library.
c. Request a copy of the annual report submitted to the University Library by the Head Performing Arts Librarian, a copy of which must be sent to the Director, School of Music.
d. Coordinate with a representative from the School of Theatre and Dance and a representative from the University Libraries.