Scholarly and/or Creative Activity

Threshold - TT faculty are expected to show clear evidence of involvement in professional endeavors judged significant by colleagues and by the accepted standards of his/her scholarly and/or creative discipline. Such endeavors should be directed towards publications and/or presentations in a public and/or professional forum, which may include professional activities such as various forms of publications (book, article, review, editorship, paper presented at a conference, citation, etc.); presentations (lecture, panel discussion, symposium participation, etc.); performances; competitions; commissions, etc.

Listed publications should only include material that has already been published or has been accepted for publication. 

Meritorious scholarly and/or creative activity may include: 

  • Significant and exceptional on- and off-campus performances that demonstrate high quality, continued artistic growth and recognition in the profession. 
  • Recordings and radio/television performances
  • Published books, book chapters, monographs, non-print materials, journal articles or computer software
  • Editorship of a significant professional journal
  • External citation or recognition for original research activities
  • Performance or publication of creative works or original compositions
  • Significant contributions to professional conferences, such as master classes, convention papers, program presentations, seminars, workshops, clinics, performances and poster sessions
  • Published scholarly reports
  • Publication and/or performance of arrangements, transcriptions or additions
  • Evaluation of books, papers, compositions, articles, recordings or program panel critic
  • Association with the academic and professional world in the candidate’s area of expertise through scholarly, professional, commercial associations, and consultation with other organizations of an academic or professional nature
  • Service to the public as experts in the candidate’s field through speaking and/or performance engagements or working with community groups as such activities are appropriate and reasonable