School of Music Merit Guidelines

The School of Music will adhere to the guidelines set forth by the university for merit deliberations.

All faculty members who are eligible and submit files for merit awards are included in the faculty advisory body which conducts a preliminary assessment of materials. School faculty who do not submit merit files are not eligible to vote or rank colleagues for merit consideration. 

Ranking of faculty merit files will be based on one’s individual estimation of merit consideration. Merit is defined as faculty contribution to scholarly/creative activity, teaching and service above and beyond expectations of that which is determined by simply fulfilling terms of hire. 

Every faculty member who submits a merit file will rank all merit files other than his/her own on a scale from one (1) to # (# being the total number of files submitted, minus one) with the number 1 being the highest ranking and # being the lowest ranking. No use of fractions or decimals is acceptable. The Music Office will prepare a personal ballot for each participant. The ballot will include an alphabetical list of merit applicants. The ballot will not include the voting faculty member’s name and faculty members may not vote for themselves. 

The School advisory voting process will be strictly confidential until such time as the School Director is mandated by policy to make data public. Discussion of merit files is strictly forbidden either in committee or private conversation.

The combined faculty rankings will be tallied by a committee of three people including two full-time School staff employees (secretaries) and one faculty member who is either ineligible to apply for merit consideration, or who has opted out of participation in the merit process. The files and rankings are then submitted to the School Director for final determination at the School level via a private meeting of the School Director with the two employees and faculty member who tallied the advisory vote. Any arithmetic questions or errors are resolved in this meeting.