SOM Faculty and Committees

The faculty body of the SOM consists of all tenured/tenure track (T/TT) and full-time non-tenure track (FTNTT) faculty members. The faculty body shall meet a minimum of once monthly during the academic year. The faculty meeting shall be chaired by the Director or the Director’s designee.


All SOM committees are advisory and recommendatory to the Director. The membership, structure, and function of the following SOM committees are governed by university, administrative, and operational policies and applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement(s) (CBA). Faculty and SOM committee meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. Votes shall be conducted by voice vote or, if requested by any member of the committee, by ballot vote. Committees electing to conduct business in executive session shall follow procedures outlined in the Ohio Revised Code Section 121.22.G. and the Ohio Attorney General’s “Yellow Book,”