1. Department Chair

    The Department Chair (hereinafter “Chair”) is the chief administrative officer of the Department. She/he is responsible for recording, maintaining, and implementing the policies and procedures stated in this Handbook through regular and thorough consultation with the Department faculty and the Department’s various committees.

    The Chair provides leadership to the Department and, in consultation with the Assistant to the Chair, FAC and Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinators, makes administrative and policy decisions affecting the Department. She/he reports to the Dean of the College of Business Administration, and has the responsibility and carries the authority including but not limited to the following:

    1. develops, coordinates, plans, and provides leadership for all academic programs and professional activities housed in the Department in a manner consistent with the mission of the University, the College, and the Department and is mindful of the quality and breadth of programs supported by the University, the College, and the Department;
    2. enforces University and College regulations, policies, and procedures in conformity with the University Policy Register, the College Handbook, and terms and conditions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement;
    3. with appropriate consultation, develops, maintains, and implements the administrative and educational policies of the Department in accordance with the provisions of the Department Handbook;
    4. implements personnel policies on matters such as recommending to the Dean new faculty and staff appointments, reappointments and non-reappointments;
    5. interviews new faculty designated to teach M&IS curriculum at the Regional Campuses and implements personnel action to the Deans of the Regional Campus and the College of Business Administration;
    6. tenure and promotion; and leaves of absence and faculty improvement leaves;
    7. bears the responsibility for management of the Departmental office, including supervision of nonacademic Departmental staff;
    8. bears the fiscal responsibility for the Department;
    9. bears the responsibility for allocating Departmental resources, including office space;
    10. maintains custody of University property charged to the Department;
    11. with appropriate consultation, recommends curricular changes;
    12. with appropriate consultation, establishes teaching assignments and class schedules, and applies appropriate workload equivalencies, which are subject to approval by the Dean;
    13. coordinates academic advising;
    14. serves as an ex officio non-voting member of the Department Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) and presides over its meetings;
    15. when making written reports to a higher administrative officer, reports the substance of FAC recommendations on all matters which require consultation with the FAC;
    16. informs the FAC of the status and final administrative determination of matters on which the FAC has been consulted;
    17. performs tasks, such as preparation of planning reports and other documents for the Department, and other tasks all of which cannot be enumerated herein;
    18. represents or appoints a designee to represent the Department to constituencies external to the Department.

    The Chair serves at the pleasure of the Dean of the College of Business Administration and is selected and reviewed as delineated in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). 

  2. Assistant to the Chair

    The department Chair may appoint an Assistant to the Chair. The Assistant to the Chair is a member of the tenured faculty of the department and performs duties as determined by the Chair. The general responsibility of the Assistant to the Chair is to work with the Chair to guide the department toward its goals.

    The specific responsibilities of the Assistant to the Chair include but are not limited to:

    1. representing the Chair in the Chair’s absence;
    2. serving as the department’s representative on University committees as needed;
    3. providing faculty with another level of administrative communication;
    4. facilitating communication and collaboration among M&IS faculty at the Kent and regional campuses;
    5. in consultation with the chair, coordinates peer evaluations of teaching for TT and NTT M&IS faculty at Kent and regional campuses;
    6. communicating with the Chair concerning department business and the Assistant to the Chair’s responsibilities;
    7. fulfilling any other duties as assigned by the Chair.

    The Assistant to the Chair may receive a reduction in teaching responsibilities to offset the increase in administrative duties.

    The Assistant to the Chair serves at the pleasure of the Chair and the Dean of the College of Business Administration. The Chair will review the performance of the Assistant to the Chair annually. This review will be in addition to her/his annual review as a regular faculty member.

  3. Administrative Assistant

    The Administrative Assistant is a classified full-time employee of the University. She/he provides administrative assistance to the Chair, especially keeping her/him informed about all matters requiring administrative attention from the department, manages external and internal communication with the Department Office, and provides a number of support services to the department faculty.  Among other things, she/he:

    1. maintains the department information;
    2. supports the department budget accounts in consultation with Chair, including all processing of forms and reports such as initiating purchase orders, payment requisitions, personnel action forms and any other necessary forms;
    3. prepares and manages correspondence from and to the Department Office and maintains both computerized and hard copy files. She/he maintains department communication through electronic mail;
    4. courteously receives students, visitors and phone inquiries to the department, screens and routes these appropriately to the proper persons within the department;
    5. assists the Chair by keeping track of university deadlines and procedures, and through written and verbal communication with everyone inside and outside the department who requires actions and/or responses from the Chair;
    6. provides support in similar matters to the Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinators;
    7. whenever possible, performs and/or allocates word processing and photocopying requests from department faculty;
    8. trains and supervises student assistants, hired by the Chair, to perform clerical tasks and assist in staffing the office;
    9. administers teaching evaluations at the end of each semester and maintains files of the evaluation results;
    10. assists the Chair with submission of materials and maintenance of files pertaining to reappointment, promotion, tenure, and Faculty Excellence Awards;
    11. assists in faculty recruiting process by arranging interview schedules, making reservations and keeping files of all applications for affirmative action reporting and completes affirmative action recruiting reports;
    12. maintains computerized personnel files, prepares offers of employment and ensures that all the correct paperwork is completed for new hires;
    13. maintains an inventory of supplies for the Department, and manages the Chair's appointment calendar; and
    14. schedules meetings of the department and its various Ad Hoc and standing committees, and records minutes of meetings when necessary.
  4. Department Meetings

    As stated in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Chair will call a meeting of all faculty of the Department at least once per semester, for the purpose of apprising them on matters of department business, with the first meeting held early in the fall semester. At other times, the Chair may request, or by petition of a majority of the full-time tenure-track faculty, convene a meeting of the Department faculty for purposes of discussing other matters of interest to the Department.

    All tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty in the department, and Ph.D. students, may participate in department meetings. However, non-tenure track, part-time faculty and Ph.D. students are not entitled to vote at department meetings and, when personnel matters are to be discussed at such a meeting, Ph.D. students may not participate in the deliberations. A simple majority vote is required to approve motions and to elect committee members.

    Notice of all meetings must be made well in advance and with reminders to offer all department personnel enough time and opportunity to allow them to attend meetings. The agenda for the meetings should be circulated early to the faculty to allow them opportunity to suggest other topics for the meeting. A quorum is formed if a simple majority of the Faculty not on leave, including the Chairperson, is present for the meeting. Minutes of all meetings must be recorded and distributed to all department faculty in a timely manner either by hardcopy or electronically. A copy of the minutes must also be maintained at the department office by the Department Secretary.