Assistant to the Chair

The department Chair may appoint an Assistant to the Chair. The Assistant to the Chair is a member of the tenured faculty of the department and performs duties as determined by the Chair. The general responsibility of the Assistant to the Chair is to work with the Chair to guide the department toward its goals.

The specific responsibilities of the Assistant to the Chair include but are not limited to:

  1. representing the Chair in the Chair’s absence;
  2. serving as the department’s representative on University committees as needed;
  3. providing faculty with another level of administrative communication;
  4. facilitating communication and collaboration among M&IS faculty at the Kent and regional campuses;
  5. in consultation with the chair, coordinates peer evaluations of teaching for TT and NTT M&IS faculty at Kent and regional campuses;
  6. communicating with the Chair concerning department business and the Assistant to the Chair’s responsibilities;
  7. fulfilling any other duties as assigned by the Chair.

The Assistant to the Chair may receive a reduction in teaching responsibilities to offset the increase in administrative duties.

The Assistant to the Chair serves at the pleasure of the Chair and the Dean of the College of Business Administration. The Chair will review the performance of the Assistant to the Chair annually. This review will be in addition to her/his annual review as a regular faculty member.