Criteria, performance expectations and Department procedures relating to Faculty Excellence Awards

Faculty Excellence Awards (FEA) are established pursuant to the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Procedures and timelines for determining merit awards for any given year shall be conducted in accordance with guidelines issued by the Office of the Provost.

Every tenure-track/tenured faculty member of the Department, who wishes to be considered for FEA, must submit a report of her/his professional performance and academic citizenship for the years covered by the award review. These reports will be reviewed by the committee chosen by the FAC, which will meet with and advise the Department chair concerning each individual faculty member’s report.

Where the Collective Bargaining Agreement so specifies, excellence dollars are divided into three distinct categories of meritorious performance: (1) research/creative activity, (2) teaching, and (3) service. The committee will then determine a rational scheme of allocation of excellence dollars by using the following broad performance measures within each category:

  1. Research
    1. Publication
    2. Research awards
    3. Research grants
  1. Teaching
    1. SSI scores
    2. Teaching awards
    3. Teaching grants
  1. Service
    1. Dissertations
    2. Individual investigations
    3. Committees: Credit for committee work will depend on several factors, including faculty role such as Chair/Co-Chair/Member and the committee.

Consistent with measures used for research, all committees will be assigned into one of three categories: High, Medium, and Low. Committees in the “High” group are impactful, and require substantial commitment from the participants. Equivalently, Medium and Low groups provide less impact and fewer time and resource commitments from the participants.

Consistent with Collective Bargaining Agreement and in consultation with the FAC and the chair, the committee will determine the percentage merit award pool for each of the above categories. Similarly, the committee will determine a rational scheme of allocation of merit award dollars within each of the above pools that fits the circumstances and consistent with the provisions of this handbook.