Department Meetings

As stated in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Chair will call a meeting of all faculty of the Department at least once per semester, for the purpose of apprising them on matters of department business, with the first meeting held early in the fall semester. At other times, the Chair may request, or by petition of a majority of the full-time tenure-track faculty, convene a meeting of the Department faculty for purposes of discussing other matters of interest to the Department.

All tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty in the department, and Ph.D. students, may participate in department meetings. However, non-tenure track, part-time faculty and Ph.D. students are not entitled to vote at department meetings and, when personnel matters are to be discussed at such a meeting, Ph.D. students may not participate in the deliberations. A simple majority vote is required to approve motions and to elect committee members.

Notice of all meetings must be made well in advance and with reminders to offer all department personnel enough time and opportunity to allow them to attend meetings. The agenda for the meetings should be circulated early to the faculty to allow them opportunity to suggest other topics for the meeting. A quorum is formed if a simple majority of the Faculty not on leave, including the Chairperson, is present for the meeting. Minutes of all meetings must be recorded and distributed to all department faculty in a timely manner either by hardcopy or electronically. A copy of the minutes must also be maintained at the department office by the Department Secretary.