Faculty Advisory Committee

The FAC is a committee of the whole faculty. The FAC is advisory to the Chair and is structured and operated as described in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  The FAC is concerned with such matters as are central to the mission of the Department. According to the CBA, such matters include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. issues concerning tenure and promotion, including the nominations of candidates for promotion;
  2. appointment of new faculty;
  3. non-reappointment and dismissal;
  4. allocation of academic staff;
  5. program development and discontinuance;
  6. evaluations relating to salaries and merit increases;
  7. budget priorities and guidelines;
  8. selection and structure of committees;
  9. teaching assignments and class schedules;
  10. research and other leaves;
  11. the establishment and maintenance of the Department Handbook;
  12. ensuring that students are properly advised;
  13. ensuring that instructional standards are followed; and
  14. ensuring that class and other duties of faculty members are met.

The tenure-track Collective Bargaining Agreement (TT-CBA) provides that the faculty of the Department insure that Regional Campus (RC) faculty are appropriately represented on key Department and College committees. These include but are not limited to the FAC, the CAC, the ad hoc reappointment, tenure and promotion (RTP) Committee, Search Committees, Review Committees, and committees considering curriculum, department or college policy, instructional standards, and program development.

The TT-CBA also provides that the tenured and tenure-track faculty of the Department shall decide whether and to what extent full-time non-tenure track (NTT) faculty shall be represented on the FAC. Under no circumstances may the number of NTT faculty exceed that of the TT faculty and, NTT faculty may not participate in deliberations or vote on personnel matters concerning TT faculty.

The FAC is convened and chaired once per month by the Chair who, in consultation with the Faculty, sets the agenda for its meetings. Additional meetings of the FAC may be called by the Chair as needed, or upon request by a Faculty member and approval of a simple majority of the FAC. Faculty members may also call, set agenda for, and chair meetings of the FAC, but it is understood that no business of the department may be transacted or represented as having been transacted at such meetings, although matters of concern to the faculty may be discussed and added to the agenda of the next regular meeting of the FAC. The FAC elects one (1) member, preferably a tenured full professor, to act as the Department representative to the College Advisory Committee (hereinafter “CAC”).

The FAC is expected to communicate the results of its deliberations to the faculty through the timely distribution of minutes. For this purpose, the Chair should appoint a member of the FAC to record minutes of its meetings. The minutes are then circulated to members of the FAC for approval before being forwarded to the Department Secretary for distribution to the rest of the department faculty. Other governance responsibilities of the FAC are delineated in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Chair will notify the FAC of the final decision, outcome, recommendations, and/or actions on all matters for which it was consulted.