Grading and Evaluation of Comprehensive Examinations

If the candidate passes most but not all of the questions, it will be at the discretion of the Comprehensive Examination Committee whether to require the student to retake only the parts failed or retake the entire examination. The student should register for BAD 70198 (Research) during the semester in which he or she wishes to retake the examination. A student may retake the entire exam a maximum of one time. Partial retakes will also be permitted a maximum of one time. If a second attempt proves unsuccessful, the student will be subject to dismissal.

As with any other student complaint of an academic nature, students have the right of appeal of the result of their comprehensive examination if they feel that they have been disadvantaged by the process. The administrative policy and procedure for student academic complaints at the Kent campus may be found in the University Policy Register, Section 3342‑4‑02.3. Guidance to the adjudication of grievances of a nonacademic nature is provided in the University Policy Register, Section 3342-4-02.102.

Students are encouraged to first try to reach a resolution of their complaint with the Department’s Graduate Program Coordinator. If the Coordinator is not able to reach resolution at this point, he/she may then petition the Chair who may request that the graduate committee of the Department convene as a Student Academic Complaint Committee, augmented by a student member appointed according to College procedure.  After hearing both the student and the Comprehensive Examination Committee, the Student Academic Complaint Committee will make a recommendation to the Chair for resolution of the issue.  If the grievance is not satisfactorily settled at the department level, the student may appeal to the Dean of the College of Business Administration, through the College of Business Ph.D. Director and Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs.

Failure in procedural matters by the graduate faculty member, Comprehensive Examination Committee, or the Department shall not be sufficient cause for the awarding of a passing grade for the comprehensive examination or subsequently, the Ph.D. degree.