The Graduate Programs Committees (GPC)

The GPCs include committees for Doctoral and Masters Programs. Members of the committees are appointed by the Chair, who balances them between the graduate Faculty of the department, in consultation with the FAC. Each committee is chaired by a TT Faculty who serves a two-year term.

  1. The Ph.D. committee is chaired by the Ph.D. Coordinator who is appointed by the Chair, in consultation with the FAC.
  2. The Masters Committee is chaired by a Masters Programs Coordinator who is appointed by the Chair, in consultation with the FAC.

The GPCs may be augmented with a Ph.D. and a master’s student, respectively, with such appointments made according to College procedures. The GPCs, in collaboration with the Assistant to the Chair, have oversight for the development of the Department’s graduate programs. They are responsible for evaluating applications for admission into the respective programs and evaluating and recommending Faculty for graduate appointments. The GPCs are also responsible for monitoring the progress and academic performance of graduate students in the Department and, with the Coordinators, recommend faculty for the writing and grading of the department’s graduate examinations. The GPCs review proposals for new graduate courses, changes in course content and related curricular matters, and conduct periodic reviews of the Department’s graduate programs as a whole.

The GPC Coordinators are also responsible for the Department’s Colloquia Series and supervise the Department’s mentoring program. They represent the Department on the appropriate College Advisory Committees. And, in cooperation with the Department’s Administrative Secretary, they maintain the databases of Ph.D. and Masters graduates.

All faculty members of the GPCs must be members of the College Graduate Faculty. The GPC Coordinators have the overall responsibility of articulating and enforcing Department policies and procedures with respect to all stages of graduate student education. While the Ph.D. Coordinator's responsibility is the doctoral program, that of the Master’s Program Coordinator is with the Department's involvement in graduate programs at the masters level (MBA and MSBA), and any other specialized master's level programs which the department might maintain at some future date. Curricula initiatives approved by the GPCs are reported back to the FAC and the Chair through the Coordinators. The GPC functions are advisory to the Chair.