Guidelines for Incoming Ph.D. Students in M&IS

On behalf of the Management & Information Systems (M&IS) faculty, the College of Business Administration, we welcome you as students for the Ph.D. program in Management and Information System (M&IS) at Kent State University. The selection process for this program is extremely competitive and only the most deserving candidates are admitted. Congratulations!

The doctoral program in M&IS has a rich legacy of building careers. Our alumni have been distinguished researchers and excellent instructors who command national and international presence in their respective disciplines. In order to maintain the legacy, we have to mutually work towards attaining a level of research and pedagogical distinction that will help you remain competitive in your field.

As you are well aware, the doctoral program in M&IS is intensive and you will be expected to follow a set of guidelines as stipulated by the department. These guidelines are for the overall health of the department and the program, and you, as Ph.D. students and candidates, are expected to clearly understand and follow them. The guidelines have been set by the M&IS Department and complement the general requirements by the graduate school. These guidelines are also independent of your immediate assignments or advisors. Your success in this program will be contingent upon following these guidelines.

  • Every M&IS Ph.D. student, throughout their tenure, is expected to actively participate and attend all departmental presentations and meetings as directed by the Ph.D. coordinator. Note that these presentations will give you headway into crafting better research models, collaborating with faculty, presenting your own research ideas, receiving feedback, and getting a general sense of operational issues in academia.
  • Every M&IS Ph.D. student, throughout their tenure, will be expected to fulfill departmental requirements and deadlines. Such requirements and deadlines can include completion of research projects, meeting deadlines, and presenting summer research reports.
  • The M&IS Department will offer mentoring to Ph.D. students during their tenure in the Department. Your mentor(s) will regularly meet with you to offer advice and direct you in your research, teaching, and service endeavors. Further mentoring guidelines can be found in the Ph.D. student handbook.
  • Every M&IS Ph.D. student, throughout their tenure, is expected to meet with the Ph.D. coordinator and interested graduate faculty on a yearly basis to review their progress in the program. This review will be conducted in a professional, open and constructive manner, and is intended to ensure that you are making satisfactory progress in the program. 
  • Every M&IS Ph.D. student must follow the above guidelines in order to remain in good standing in the program. Failure to actively participate in departmental presentations/meetings and mentorship, or failure to meet deadlines, could result in release from the program.


Please remember that these guidelines serve the purpose of crafting a world-class Ph.D. program for which you are and will remain ambassadors.


I, _____________________________, a Ph.D. student in the department of M&IS at Kent State University, have read and understood the guidelines above and understand that to maintain my position as a graduate student, I will be expected to follow them until amended by the Chair or the Ph.D. Coordinator in the M&IS department.


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      Chair, M&IS Department                               Ph.D. Coordinator, M&IS Dept.