Outside Employment and Other Outside Activities

Faculty members may engage in professional activities outside the university provided the activities do not interfere with the faculty member's teaching, research, or service responsibilities to the Department, Campus, College or University (See, University Policy Register 3342-6-24). These activities must not compete with University activity or the faculty member’s employment with the University and must be approved in advance by the Chair and the Dean. Each academic year, each faculty member must disclose and seek approval for all outside employment or other outside activities on the form provided by the University.  Any outside employment or other outside activities are subject to the Faculty Code of Ethics and the University’s conflict of interest policies.  (See, University Policy Register 3342-6-17 and 3342-6-23)

Furthermore, according to University Policy Register regarding outside enterprises including employment of faculty and academic administrators (Policy # 3342-6-24), the university “recognizes that one mark of an individual’s distinction is the esteem in which he or she is held by those outside the university who may request her/his expertise.” For a second “teaching activity at neighboring institutions or other external organizations, it is considered inappropriate for a full-time faculty member or full-time academic administrative officer to accept a teaching employment while under contract, if it conflicts with his or her primary responsibly to the university.”

In general, an average of one day per week is the standard amount of time allowed for such consulting activities or employment.  For outside remunerative employment of a continuing nature, faculty members must obtain the approval in writing of the Department Chair, Dean and Senior Vice President and Provost for Academic Affairs. Such approval process must be repeated at the beginning of each academic year. Outside activities must be scheduled so that they do not interfere with a faculty member's teaching, research, and service responsibilities to the university.