Regional Campus Faculty Recruitment

Full time tenure-track (TT) and non-tenure track (NTT) recruitment for M&IS faculty at the Regional Campuses is a joint effort between the Regional Campus faculty and the M&IS faculty at the Kent Campus. Although the mission of the Regional Campuses is different from that of the Kent Campus, the M&IS Department’s involvement in the hiring process is to ensure that faculty hired to teach M&IS courses have the requisite qualifications to do so, especially in light of AACSB requirements that the preponderance of full time faculty be academically and professionally qualified, and can withstand the rigors of the reappointment, tenure and promotion review processes.

  1. The M&IS Department Chair, in consultation with the FAC, will select a department representative to serve on the search committee for the Regional Campus faculty recruitment.
  2. The M&IS representative should work with the Regional Campus Dean or his/her designee in crafting the job description for the position for which a search is underway.
  3. After the search committee reviews the applicant pool to select a short list of those they wish to consider further, the files of the applicants on the short list are sent to the M&IS Department for approval/disapproval screening. Applicants not approved receive no further consideration.
  4. As part of the interview schedule, candidates will be interviewed at the Kent Campus by members of the M&IS Department. Whenever, appropriate, formal presentations and colloquia to which all faculty and students are invited will be part of the interview process.
  5. After the campus visits by all candidates the M&IS Department evaluates and reports to the search committee which candidates are acceptable and which are unacceptable, and may rank order acceptable candidates. Candidates that the M&IS Department does not find acceptable will not be approved for rank in the department.