Research Leave and Leaves of Absence

The Chair, with the approval of appropriate university officials, may grant a one-year or less leave of absence without pay. Such an absence may be requested by a faculty member for a legitimate professional or personal reason including research, travel, and medical. Time on an unpaid leave of absence does not count toward meeting promotion or tenure time limits.  Requests for unpaid leave are subject to approval of the Dean and the appropriate university officials, and will be accompanied by a recommendation of the Chair for or against the request, with the advice of the FAC.

Leave may also be granted for teaching or research at another institution, provided the faculty member accepts such appointment as visitor, and not as a regular appointment, and provided further that the faculty recognizes an obligation to return to the university for the next year of service. Leave for the purpose of eventually accepting regular appointment at another institution is not permitted, nor may a faculty member hold tenure concurrently at the university and another institution. Further guidelines on unpaid leaves of absence can be found in the University Policy Register, Section 3342-6-11.9.