Research Seminars

The research seminars provide a forum for students to develop and refine their research ideas and methodology, and their presentation skills.  These skills are vital for research presentations at conferences, job interviews, and in the classroom. As part of the mentorship program, students are expected to make presentations, and address questions in these seminars. The Mentor will play a supporting role during the presentation.  Students are evaluated both on the content and quality of their research material and on their presentation skills.

For the student presentations in fall, the emphasis is on receiving input from the audience.  Students should view this as a learning experience, rather than taking a position and defending it against all suggestions. The intent of this presentation is to educate the audience about the area under study, and be receptive to new ideas, questions, and problems.

The presentations in the spring term are intended to be more formal, emulating a typical conference presentation.  For completed studies, the emphasis should be on presenting the results.  Both content and style are important.  As with conference or job interviews, the presenter must not only get the point of the study results across to the audience, but must also be willing to listen and defend comments and questions about the completed study.