Student Grades


  1. Within the first two weeks of each semester each student shall receive from each instructor a written or web page description of the nature of the course, with a list of class responsibilities including those things upon which the student will be graded, the grading scale, the weights attached to each part of the course, assigned papers or projects, and a statement of policy regarding class attendance.
  2. Each faculty member may be requested to justify any grade given any student.  The syllabus and formal modifying announcements to the class constitute the basis for grades.
  3. Clarification and adjudication of grades should be requested during the semester immediately following the one in which the grade is given.  In the case of spring semester grades, students may request clarification and justification through the following fall semester.
  4. Formal complaints against an instructor's grading practices should be based, insofar as possible, on claims that the instructor is not consistent with his or her own standards as outlined in the syllabus.
  5. In case of a grievance on grades, the student should first talk to her/his course instructor.  If not satisfied, the student should talk to the Department Chair.