Student Grievance and Academic Complaints

The University’s policies and procedures which govern student grievances and student academic complaints are included in the University Policy Register.  (See, University Policy Register 3342-4-02.102, 3342-02-3 and 3342-8-01.4)

Student complaints and problems should always be resolved at the lowest level possible.  A student should always consult with her/his professor first. If the complaint cannot be settled, the student should consult the Chair.

If the involved parties do not reach resolution at this point, the student, professor, or Chair may request that the grievance be heard by the Student Academic Complaint Committee (SACC), augmented by a student member appointed according to college procedure.  After hearing both the student and the professor, the SACC will make a recommendation to the Chair for resolution of the issue.  If the grievance is not satisfactorily settled at the department level, the student or faculty member may appeal to the Dean.