Teaching Assignments and Class Schedules

Faculty members are assigned to teach specific courses by the Chair. Graduate students are assigned in consultation with the Ph.D. coordinator. The primary considerations for course assignments are prior teaching experience, subject expertise, and shared responsibility among the faculty for service and introductory courses.  Questions regarding teaching assignments should be addressed to the Chair.  In the case of a dispute or request for reassignment the faculty member may request review by the FAC which will make a recommendation to the Chair.

Scheduling of classes is the responsibility of the Chair.  The primary consideration for scheduling classes is student need with regard to meeting program or major requirements within a reasonable time frame.  In addition, the scheduling of some classes may be determined by the need to serve nontraditional students.

  1. Summer Teaching Assignments

    The Chair welcomes requests for summer teaching assignments from all full-time faculty members.  Summer teaching cannot be guaranteed to any faculty member and most summer teaching assignments are for a partial load.  The size, content, and staffing of summer courses are dictated by budgetary constraints and curricular needs.  Within these requirements, faculty members are offered summer teaching assignments, with TT faculty having first preference as per the CBA.  Faculty members may elect not to accept a summer assignment. All faculty members are encouraged to apply for external and internal grants for the summer.

  2. Distance Learning and Electronic Course Delivery

    In requesting development of Department courses for electronic delivery, faculty members must seek approval from the Department. The faculty of the Department must approve content of courses delivered electronically. Faculty members wanting to teach Department courses, for which electronic delivery has been deemed pedagogically appropriate, must consult the Department to determine that overall enrollment needs for that course are met.

  3. Other Faculty Duties

    Faculty members are expected to schedule and attend at least five (5) office hours per week (See, University Policy Register 3342-6-18.101).  The office hours shall be posted on the faculty member's office door and communicated to the Department office as well as to the faculty member's students at the beginning of each semester.  If a student, for a legitimate reason or reasons, is unable to meet during the faculty member’s scheduled office hours, the faculty member shall make appointments to meet with the student at an alternate time.

    In order to assist in student advising, faculty members should maintain current knowledge of University, College, and Department programs and requirements.

    Faculty members are expected to participate in recruitment programs, graduation ceremonies and other activities which are appropriate to their role as a faculty member in the Department.