Vision Statement of the Department

The M&IS Department attracts outstanding students and faculty. We pursue this distinction by continuously improving our teaching and research.  Our students are known for their ability to contribute to their employers, think conceptually, understand business and other organizations, learn and use leading-edge technology.  We create and publish highly regarded research with the goal of extending knowledge applicable to information technology, operational processes and organizational management.  These efforts are recognized and supported by academic, business, government and other sources.

We extend the concept of diversity to understand that scholarly excellence is achieved in a variety of ways.  Our faculty support systems enable the department to achieve significant improvements in teaching, research, outreach, and service with attention to the respective needs of tenured, tenure-track, full- and part-time temporary faculty.

Our commitment to superb teaching, meaningful research, value-added outreach, and dedicated service reflects our concern for people and society.  We foster people’s willingness to continuously improve in an ethical atmosphere based on integrity.  A wide range of stakeholders, including students, employers, colleagues, journal editors and consumers of our research, and administrators, provide feedback to improve our teaching, research and service.  Celebration of success is a vital part of our continuous improvement process.