Authorization of Absence and Travel Policy

            Faculty members who will be absent from campus for professional or personal reasons must file a Faculty Absence and Authorization form (available from the Department Secretary) and have the absence approved by the Department Chairperson and the Dean's Office. Appropriate arrangements, satisfactory to the Chairperson, must be made for any classes that will be missed.  The same form and approval process is to be used by Ph.D. students and adjuncts that will miss a class.

            Travel for attendance at professional meetings is encouraged.  Reimbursement for incurred expenses will be provided, according to the University Travel Policy (University Policy Register, 3342-7-02.8) and in keeping with the availability of funds. Priority for travel will be given to those individuals presenting papers at national meetings in Marketing and closely related organizations. Philosophically, the Department recognizes the desirability of providing support for all members of the Department. However, given fiscal limitations, first priority will be given to untenured Faculty members who are presenting papers at national meetings, second priority to tenured Faculty members presenting at such meetings, and third priority (if funds are available) to Ph.D. students. In the case of co-authored papers (assuming limited travel funds are available), only one author will be funded. If the co-author is a Ph.D. student, the Faculty member would have first priority, however, the Faculty member may choose to allow the Ph.D. student to make the presentation (and so receive Departmental funding). The maximum dollar amounts to be provided, as guided by budget restrictions, shall be determined by the Chairperson, in consultation with the FAC. The Chairperson makes the final determination as to whether travel reimbursement is recommended, and in what amount, for approval by the Dean.