Calculation of Recommended Merit Salary Increase

            The Department Chair uses the information described above to calculate recommended merit salary increases for each Department Faculty member. Each member of the FAC receives a summary report indicating suggested increases for all members of the Faculty, broken down into two categories: (1) scholarly activities and (2) teaching and service activities. The FAC will then discuss the proposed merit increases and advise the Department Chair accordingly.

           The Chairperson should also inform the FAC of the overall dollar amount of the Department’s merit raise pool, and the amount to be allocated to each category. (University guidelines historically have indicated that 50% of the total is to be allocated to meritorious scholarship and 50% to meritorious teaching and service.) This total is divided by the number of Faculty members, to calculate the average merit dollars available for each Faculty member before considering individual contributions in each category. The average amount is modified by the ratio of the Faculty member's overall mean category evaluation to the Department mean, to establish the recommended merit pay raise.