Department Chairperson

The Chairperson is the Chief Executive Officer of the Department. The appointment of the Chairperson is detailed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article VI.8.A. Substantive decisions of Departmental concern shall be made by the Chairperson in consultation with the FAC. The Chairperson reports to the Dean of the College of Business Administration and:

            1.         Enforces University regulations,

            2.         With appropriate consultation, develops and carries out administration and educational policies of the Department,

            3.         Recommends new Faculty and staff appointments to the Dean and recommends the promotion and tenure of members of the Department who are eligible and qualified,

            4.         Recommends, with documentation, the severance of individuals deemed not worthy of permanent appointment in accordance with established University procedures,

            5.         Appoints and directs staff members on behalf of the Department,

            6.         Recommends leaves of absence,

            7.         Supplies prompt notification to the Office of the Dean regarding absence or resignation of a Faculty member,

            8.         Bears the fiscal responsibility for the Department,

            9.         Recommends changes in the curriculum,

            10.       Distributes teaching assignments, schedules class hours and rooms, and prepares reports to appropriate University officials,

            11.       Maintains custody of University property charged to the Department,

            12.       Supervises the academic counseling of student majors in the Department,

            13.       Performs other tasks, which cannot be catalogued briefly, such as the preparation of the AQIP Report of the Department, the orientation of new Faculty, the development of Departmental brochures, etc.

            As with all administrative assignments, the Chairperson position carries no formal tenure protection. A Chairperson may resign this administrative assignment without prejudice, and such resignation has no effect on the individual's future role and/or tenure as a member of the Faculty.