Department Philosophy Regarding Instructional Responsibilities

            The Marketing Department Faculty subscribe to the philosophy that effective instruction is influenced by the way in which an instructional program is managed, delivered, and evaluated. They accept responsibility for the relevance of what is taught and for the means by which knowledge is conveyed to students. In this context, they recognize that Faculty should be involved in activities that improve course content and teaching quality.

            Members of the Faculty will assist in mentoring new teachers, developing course content, and evaluating results of teaching, to:

  1. assure that the content of the courses is consistent with the Department's mission and is updated to incorporate improvements based on contemporary marketing theory and practice,
  2. assure that there is an adequate degree of coordination of course content, such that materials from different areas of marketing are presented coherently, with appropriate sequencing and cross-references, and
  3. determine the effectiveness of the Department's instructional efforts through teaching evaluations and other sources (e.g. standardized field examinations, senior exit surveys, placement results, and alumni surveys).