Department Philosophy Regarding Faculty Standards of Performance

            The members of the Marketing Department subscribe to the philosophy that, in order to achieve its mission, Faculty members must achieve minimum standards of excellence in teaching, research, and service; and excel in either teaching or research.

            This philosophy is grounded in the notion that a Faculty member who is a very good communicator, teacher, and motivator of students in the classroom cannot adequately prepare students to compete successfully without contributing to and keeping up-to-date with the latest knowledge in the field (i.e., creating and disseminating research). Likewise, a Faculty member who is innovative and productive in developing new marketing knowledge cannot fulfill the mission of the Department without an ability to effectively disseminate this knowledge to others.

            Additionally, while high caliber teaching and research are essential for the achievement of the Department's mission, the idea of a "high-quality Faculty" implies that the members of the Department strive to excel in both of these areas. This philosophy takes into account the need for Faculty members to perform appropriate service, but does not suggest that a strong service orientation is an acceptable way of fulfilling the Department's mission.

            To implement this philosophy, the Department will ensure:

  1. that untenured Faculty who attain acceptable standards of excellence in research, teaching, and service will be reappointed up to the sixth year and that those untenured members who meet the minimum standards and who also excel in teaching and/or research will be considered as eligible for tenure and promotion,
  2. that tenured Associate Professors who continue to excel in teaching and/or research and who make significant service contributions to the university will be recommended, at the appropriate time (i.e., normally not until completion of five years at the associate rank), for promotion to Full Professor,
  3. that (within the guidelines of the CBA and the Department's Performance and Merit Guidelines Manual) all Faculty receive a fair share of the merit pool based on their teaching/service and research performance, and
  4. that teaching and service loads reflect the abilities and performance of the Faculty members.