Department Philosophy Regarding Faculty Development and Renewal

            As time passes, Faculty members and their working environment change, with the result that existing professional skills and goals may become outdated or inconsistent with the needs, goals, and mission of the Department. Therefore, the members of the Department recognize the necessity and desirability of Faculty development and renewal programs, which assist in acquiring knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable them to become more effective in performing all functions related to professional academic life.

            The focus in the Department is on programs which aid the Faculty in both scholarly and teaching efforts and which foster collegiality among the members of the Department. While some activities exist as ongoing programs available to all members (e.g., AMA meetings and travel support for presentation of research at appropriate conferences), other activities should be developed based on the particular needs of the Faculty member (e.g., attendance at a seminar to develop a particular skill).

            In general, consulting activities are encouraged to the extent that they aid in the Faculty member's publication of relevant research and/or the Faculty member's classroom teaching. This Handbook describes the Department's specific policies regarding outside activities of Faculty, paid and unpaid, (consistent with University Policy and the State of Ohio Revised Code) which occur on University time [see UP 6-55 and Chapter 102 of the Revised Code].