Department Philosophy Regarding Faculty Promotion and Retention

            Consistent with the Department philosophy regarding standards of performance for Faculty (and within the guidelines provided by University Policy and the CBA), this Handbook specifies the procedures used for reappointment, promotion, and tenure decisions. 

            Although untenured Faculty who attain acceptable standards of excellence in research, teaching, and service will be reappointed up to the sixth year and those untenured members who meet the minimum standards and who also excel in teaching and/or research will be considered as eligible for tenure and promotion, these "quantifiable" activities are not the only ones considered for promotion and tenure. As Addendum B of the CBA states, "The granting of tenure is a deliberate and important decision, initiated by a candidate's peers and eventually made by the trustees of the university. Because this decision could result in life-long employment at this institution for a Faculty member, it should involve more than a mere survey of the candidate's minimum quantifiable activities. Essentially, those involved in making a tenure decision are asking the question, 'Is this the kind of person we want as a colleague for the rest of his or her career?' The way that question is answered strongly influences the general quality of the university's Faculty and thus the stature and well-being of the university." The marketing Faculty recognizes these ideas in their deliberations concerning a candidate's recommendation for promotion and tenure. Additionally, the marketing Faculty completely uphold the policy that promotion and tenure criteria will not be based on sex, race, creed, handicap, color or national origin.

            Given that the Department's mission may be served by Faculty who demonstrate excellence in either scholarship or teaching, the Department recognizes the need for individualized work load considerations. This Handbook (consistent with the CBA) specifies the processes used to determine appropriate teaching assignments and service workloads based on the rank, orientation, and performance reviews of the Faculty member.