Department Philosophy Regarding Faculty Intellectual Contributions

            The Marketing Faculty recognize that the production of intellectual contributions on a continuing basis is a core responsibility of higher education. Central to the Department's mission is the creation of Marketing knowledge through research and the sharing of marketing knowledge and skills with students, business professionals, and educators through teaching and service. The purpose of this aspect of the mission is the improvement of marketing theory and practice, and the support of quality instruction within the Department.

            As the Department has a multifaceted mission, there must be a mix in the types of intellectual contributions made by the Department Faculty. Given a strong commitment to doctoral education, a substantial proportion of the focus of Faculty research is on the scholarship of discovery and the scholarship of integration. In addition, the Department’s commitments to the undergraduate and MBA programs are consistent with pursuing the scholarships of application and teaching (publications regarding instructional development that enhance the educational value of instructional efforts of the discipline). This commitment to the intellectual contributions of the Faculty is an important element explicitly considered in matters related to Faculty recruitment, promotion, retention, and merit compensation. (See the Performance and Merit Guidelines Manual.) Faculty are also encouraged to present their work at Department Research Forums.