Department Philosophy Regarding the MBA Curriculum

            At the MBA level, the objective is to aid the students in the development of a professional managerial perspective and to bring about an appreciation of the importance and usefulness of marketing to the organization's success in the context of a cross-functional perspective.

           To the extent that resources permit, the Department strongly supports the use of separate sections of courses for MBA and Ph.D. students. The members of the Department recognize that, at the MBA level, to aid students in the development of a professional managerial perspective, theoretical marketing knowledge must be supplemented with information concerning the way in which such knowledge is applied in the business world. Such supplementation may take the form of examples, speakers, cases, current news items from business magazines, newspapers, radio, and television, and discussion based on consulting experiences. For most MBA courses, the emphasis on cases, simulations, and other forms of "hands-on" experience is to be emphasized to a greater extent than would be found in a comparable undergraduate course.

            As with the undergraduate program, the Faculty recognizes that a variety of perspectives and skills are necessary for a student to function as a meaningful and productive member of society. In principle, the Faculty feel that marketing knowledge must be presented in the context of ethical and global issues, taking into account the influence of political, social, legal, regulatory, environmental and technological perspectives, and recognizing the impact of demographic diversity on organizations and markets. These perspectives are to be woven throughout the marketing curriculum.