Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

The FAC is an elected body representative of the full-time Faculty. Under Article VI.3.A of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the FAC may comprise, upon the vote of the members of the Faculty, the entire membership of the Faculty or representative persons from the Departmental Faculty and full-time non-tenure-track faculty as may be determined by the members of the Faculty. The FAC is empowered as an advisory body to the Departmental Chairperson in matters which are central to the Department's mission and those which are defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article VI.3.B

            Currently, the Marketing Department FAC includes all tenured and tenure track Faculty.  No non-tenure-track faculty are included, as a minimum of five are necessary to obtain representation according to the NTT faculty CBA. Should the Faculty vote to change the composition of the FAC, the Chairperson shall send a letter of notification to the Dean of the College of Business Administration. In such an event, the FAC shall consist of no less than three elected members, one from each rank of Assistant, Associate, and Full professor. Should it happen that no member of the Department holds one or more of the three ranks, membership shall be determined by the regular full-time Faculty members of the Department.

            Elections are held annually in a Department meeting at the end of the Spring semester to formalize membership in the FAC. The term of the FAC is 12 months, beginning with this meeting. At the same meeting (the first meeting of the FAC), a representative to the College Advisory Committee (CAC) is elected by a majority vote.  Elections and appointments are also held for other committees and representatives, as detailed in section III.E below.

            The Department Chairperson is an ex officio non-voting member and Chair of the Departmental FAC. The Chairperson will consult with the interested members of the FAC and create an agenda for each meeting of the FAC. With respect to any matter on which the FAC has been consulted, the Chairperson will notify the FAC of the final decision, recommendation, and/or action that was taken.