Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Recruiting

            To fulfill the Department’s teaching needs, part-time and full-time non-tenure-track (NTT) faculty may be hired to temporarily supplement available teaching capacity. To this end, procedures are set forth to help assure that the pool of applicants for NTT faculty positions includes individuals who:

  • have completed a minimum of an MBA or master’s degree in an appropriate field,
  • have the ability to effectively share knowledge with others,
  • are demographically diverse, and
  • are motivated to make a significant contribution to the Department's mission.

            Recruiting for a full-time NTT faculty member should be a scaled-down version of recruiting for a tenure-track Faculty member. This entails filing a Position Requisition Announcement (PRA), running appropriate advertising to conduct an open search, and evaluating all candidates that apply. (An NTT position in Marketing requires an MBA and relevant work experience for the position of Instructor, while a Ph.D. or D.B.A. and appropriate scholarly activities are required for the position of Assistant Professor.) Selected candidates may be interviewed by phone, and approximately three invited to visit the campus. Based on the outcomes of the campus interviews, an offer may be made. For NTT faculty candidates not having a terminal degree in marketing, teaching assignments must be approved by the Department Chair on a course-by-course basis.

            Recruiting for part-time faculty in Marketing is done approximately twice annually, when potential opportunities are posted as “pool positions,” and letters and resumes are received to keep on file in the event of teaching needs that appear to be a good match. For Kent campus opportunities, the Chairperson maintains the file of applicants and contacts these individuals to assess the match. For regional campus openings, the regional campus Dean or Associate Dean contacts applicants that appear appropriate, and a file is created that is sent to the Chairperson for approval. This file contains complete documentation as specified in the Procedures for Approvals on the following page.

            For both Kent campus and regional campus part-time faculty, the Chairperson will assess the applicant based on whether the individual possesses relevant work experience, an appropriate master’s level degree, transcripts of record, previous course evaluations (if applicable), and letters of reference. Part-time faculty may be appointed as Instructors.