Office Staff

            The Administrative Offices of the Department of Marketing are located in the Business Administration Building. The Chairperson and Departmental Secretary are located there. The Secretary performs duties necessary to smooth, regular functioning of the Department. The Chairperson may assign additional responsibilities as needed. In extraordinary circumstances, Faculty members may submit requests for clerical assistance to the Departmental Secretary.

            The Marketing Department's Office Staff (i.e., the Marketing Department Secretary) is of critical importance to the Department in two ways. First, the staff provides support to the Department's Chairperson and Faculty in performing their primary teaching, research, and service missions. Second, the Office Staff provide a vital link between the members of the Department and the various publics that the Department serves.

            Consistent with the goals of the Marketing Department Office Staff, as detailed in this manual's Mission Statement, the following Office Policies and Procedures are provided. It is expected that the Office Staff and members of the Department will be familiar with and comply with these policies and procedures. 

1.         Interaction with Constituencies of the Department

            The Marketing Department has several major constituencies, including faculty (full time, part time, tenure track, and non-tenure track), students (undergraduate, M.B.A., and Ph.D.), administration (members of other University and College Offices), and the general public (members of the business community and other universities, parents, etc.). It is a goal of the Marketing Department to serve each and every member of these constituencies in a prompt, courteous, and accurate manner.

            Relating to the Mission Statement, the Office Staff is expected to provide courteous service to the various publics. Because the Office Staff is the first, and in some cases the only, contact which many people have with the Department, it is essential that the Staff convey the appropriate message. The message that the Department wishes to send is that its members are sincerely concerned with the questions, problems, and needs of the people that it serves. Each person dealing with the Department must feel that Marketing Department Faculty and Staff want to help with his or her individual concerns.

2.         Office Visitors

            Office visitors include members of any of the Marketing Department constituencies.  Each office visitor is to be greeted promptly and courteously. This means that, within a few seconds of arrival, project work, office activities, and personal conversations (including phone conversations) will be interrupted to greet the visitor. Included in this definition of visitor are members of the Department who may have visited the Office several times previously during the day. If the visitor needs to reach a member of the Department, the Staff will make an effort to find the Department member, or if the member is unavailable, a message is to be taken and made available to the Department member. If the visitor needs help or information, a sincere effort to provide the help or to get the information is to be made.

3.         Telephone Procedures

            The Department Secretary is to answer the telephone promptly and courteously. The greeting should be very much like, "Good morning, Marketing Department, may I help you?" The goal of the greeting is (1) to identify for the caller who s/he has reached, and (2) to make the caller feel that the Staff really does want to provide help. The Office Staff is to attempt to personally help the caller, find an appropriate source of help, or pass the caller along to the appropriate member of the Department (Faculty or graduate student).

            The Greeting/Message left on the Department Secretary's voice mail should be changed, as necessary, to reflect absences from the office (due to seminars, vacation, illness) so that callers know when to expect a response. If the Department phone will not be answered for more than a day, then the message should include information about who to call for assistance (e.g., the Dean's Office).

4.         Work Philosophy

            Consistent with the Marketing Department Office Mission Statement and the Senior Secretary Classification Specification, the primary work performed by the Office Staff is to provide administrative support for the Chairperson. Remaining available time may be used in support of the teaching and research efforts of the members of the Department. The work philosophy should be a courteous willingness to accept and complete all appropriate projects in a prompt and accurate manner, subject to time availability.

5.         Promptness

            The goal of promptness not only applies to greeting office visitors, but to the daily work projects given to the Office Staff as well. While the "due date" of a given project may be several days in the future, it should be completed as soon after its receipt as possible. This is to be done for two reasons. First, by completing projects before they are due, the Chairperson or Faculty member will be able to review the project and make corrections or modifications in a timely manner. Second, once a project is completed and out of the way, new or unexpected projects can be dealt with. Once a project is completed, it is expected that the staff will promptly inform the Department member.

6.         Professional Service

            All members of the Marketing Department are expected to perform their duties in a professional manner. In the case of the Office Staff, this involves cooperatively engaging in all activities which support the Chairperson and the teaching, research, and service of all members of the Marketing Department.

7.         Enhancement of Support Skills

            To further the accomplishment of the mission of the Marketing Department Office, its personnel are encouraged (after obtaining the explicit permission of the Chairperson) to attend relevant local seminars, purchase appropriate training materials, and spend time improving their support skills. Each member of the Marketing Department Office Staff should be fully capable on all relevant software available through the College local area network.

            Whenever there are no projects awaiting completion, members of the Office Staff should work on improving their abilities on the available, relevant software. Such activities are to be engaged in after existing projects are completed. Given the complexity and versatility of the various software packages, it is expected that there will be ample opportunity to learn more about the use of these packages whenever the workload permits. By increasing their expertise in working with the software, the Office Staff should be better able to fulfill their primary mission.

            Additionally, it is deemed to be more professional and appropriate to spend time on the enhancement of support skills than in other personal activities (e.g., personal phone calls, work on personal projects, reading of newspapers or novels, or visiting with other staff members).  Personal activities are to be attended to during break times or on vacation time, not during active office time.

8.         Appropriate Projects

            Support for research, teaching, service of Department members and administrative support of the Chair encompasses a range of activities that is too broad to list in full.

Examples of Teaching Related Projects
  • Ordering textbooks;
  • Typing new and revising existing syllabi and examinations;
  • Obtaining copies of and filing course syllabi;
  • Ordering audio visual equipment;
  • Copying teaching related materials;
  • Making arrangements for guest lecturers (e.g., typing confirmation letters and thank you letters, arranging for parking).
Examples of Research Related Projects
  • Typing proposal/grant requests, human subject committee forms, questionnaires/surveys, research papers, presentation handouts and overheads;
  • Copying of research material (e.g., questionnaire/surveys, mailing lists);
  • Assisting with research mailings (e.g., typing mailing lists, envelope stuffing).

            Such research support work is appropriate, when assigned, regardless of the Department member’s role in the research or the ordering of authorship on the final research paper.

            Projects which are not appropriate include work for which the Department member receives outside renumeration (e.g., consulting work, books), purely personal correspondence not related to teaching, research, recruiting or other Departmental business, papers for students' courses, and dissertations. At their own discretion, Department staff may work on such projects after hours. In such cases, the renumeration (if any) will be determined between the staff and the Department member.


9.         Administrative Support

            Projects related to administrative support of the Chairperson include, but are not

            limited to:

  • those involving budgeting, staffing, recruiting, scheduling, maintaining and searching files,
  • copying, inventorying and ordering office supplies,
  • composing correspondence under direction of the Chairperson,
  • responding to routine correspondence,
  • gathering statistics and preparing reports,
  • maintaining a check on Departmental budget,
  • managing the Chairperson's appointment schedule,
  • making travel arrangements,
  • setting up meetings,
  • assembling agendas,
  • notifying involved parties of meetings and appointments, and
  • engaging in Office-related self-improvement training.

10. Project Priorities

             It is expected that, in the normal course of events, Department members will provide adequate lead time to permit projects to be completed by their due dates. For syllabi, examinations, and correspondence, this should be one to two days.  For more extensive projects, such as research papers or major grant proposals the lead time should be no less than three days (or considerably longer, depending on the complexity of the project).

            At times there may be requests for "rush" jobs. When possible these requests should be accommodated by the Office Staff. If a Department member consistently requests rush jobs, or if there is a conflict in project priorities which cannot be resolved with the Department member, the Chairperson should be consulted.

            Additionally, it is expected that the Office Staff will cooperate by making time to complete small jobs. As an example, requests by Department members for typed envelopes or address labels should be honored such that the item can make the next mail pick up, even though this may interrupt the work flow. At the same time, the Office Staff need not drop all work to immediately honor such requests. Rather this type of task should be performed at a convenient break, which still allows the goal to be accomplished (e.g., in time for the next mail pick up).

11.       Marketing Department Office Hours

            The Marketing Department is to be open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with the exception of breaks (15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon) and lunch (one hour, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.). In accordance with the Civil Service Rules, an application for leave (vacation) form must be completed and approved for any vacation time taken. Vacation time of longer than one half day should be scheduled with the Department Chairperson at least one week in advance. Shorter vacation time should be cleared with the Department Chairperson as soon as possible.

            In case of illness, contact should be made with both the Dean's Office and the Chairperson (phone messages may be left) as soon as it is known that the absence will occur.  Where the illness will require an absence of more than one day, the Department voice mail message should be changed appropriately.

            Except in an emergency, the Department Office should not be left unstaffed without the knowledge of the Department Chairperson. In such cases, the application for leave form may be completed and approved retroactively (unapproved time away from the job cannot be paid for and can lead to disciplinary action).

12.       Policies and Procedures Revisions and Updates

            The Chairperson of the Department is responsible for revising and updating the Marketing Department Office Mission Statement and Policies and Procedures manual as required. It is expected that such revisions and updates be done in consultation with the Department Secretary, as this individual must be familiar with and comply with the provisions of the manual.