Orientation of New Faculty, Part-time Faculty and Ph.D. Students

            The University provides an orientation program for new faculty, and doctoral students who will be teaching take both ONTAP and a College teaching course. In addition, resources are available on campus (Faculty Professional Development Center) on a continuous basis. The Department provides information specific to the Department and the College, including use of telephones, mailboxes, email accounts, and what information should be included in a syllabus.  Further information is provided in the Department's Statement of Mission and Philosophies. In addition, the Chairperson has the explicit responsibility of aiding new faculty in their orientation process.

  1. Annual Review - All tenure track Faculty who have not yet received tenure are reviewed annually in accordance with the procedures and time table specified in the University's Procedures and Policies Governing Review of Faculty. This document is provided by the Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and is available in the Department office. NTT faculty are reviewed in their third year of service in accordance with their CBA.
  1. Benefits - Faculty receive benefits from the University. This information can be obtained from the Staff Benefits Office (Terrace Hall Annex, 330-672-3107).
  1. Computer Accounts - Intranet accounts are available on the BSA3 network. Application forms are available from the Department Secretary and must be approved by the Chairperson.
  1. Faculty and Staff Assistance Program - The University supports a Faculty and Staff Assistance Program which provides confidential, professional counseling for any type of personal problems, including, but not limited to, drug and alcohol problems, marital problems, and problems related to stress. This program can be reached at 330-672-3183.
  1. Office Hours - University policy [6-53] requires that each faculty member have stated office hours published in the Departmental office. Instructors should notify each class of the hours during which they are available for conferences. The expectation is that each full-time faculty member will hold a minimum of four scheduled office hours per week, and also to be available by appointment. Department policy is that part-time instructors are expected to hold a minimum of two office hours per course per week, and also to be available by appointment. Instructors should be in their office during office hours. Faculty members should let the Department Secretary know when they will not be in for their posted office hours.
  1. Parking - Parking permits are obtained from Parking Services (123 Michael Schwartz Center, 330-672-4432). Full-time faculty should present their University Identification Card and their appointment letter; part-time faculty only need show their appointment letter.
  1. Promotion and Tenure Review - Consideration of Faculty for promotion and tenure is done in accordance with the University Policy Register [Chapter 6, Section 8], the University's annual Procedures and Policies Governing Review of Faculty, and Section VII of this Handbook.
  1. Student Advising - Student advising, while informal, consists of both instructional advising pertaining to class and also career objectives. Letters of recommendation (if appropriate) are a part of student advising.
  1. Teaching Evaluations - At the end of each semester (usually in the week prior to final exams) teaching evaluations must be given to the students. An assigned student hands out the forms, collects them and takes them to the Department Secretary. Teaching evaluations provide important instructor feedback as to which areas are going well and which need improvement.
  1. Texts - The book orders are placed soon after they are received from the instructor. On occasion, the order will be placed prior to assigning a section to a part-time instructor. Usually, when a section is listed as "staff" the text adopted by the professor teaching the course is ordered.
  1. Travel/Absence Authorization - All travel and absences must be authorized, in advance, by the Department Chairperson. Complete the Faculty Absence Authorization/Expenditure Estimate form available from the Department Secretary.
  1. Tuition - Per University Policy (Chapter 6, section 9), tuition benefits in the form of fee waivers are granted to full-time employees and their spouses and children (up to the age authorized) at Kent State University. Part-time faculty are eligible to use a four-hour "waiver during the semester the member teaches or the following semester, with summer terms taken at the option of the part-time employee. There will be no carry over of partially used tuition waivers or accumulation of credit hours" (UPR 3342-6-09-C-2-f).
  1. University Identification Card - All faculty members must obtain a University Identification Card. This card is obtained by taking the contract letter to the registrar's office.